Created for Direct Sales Companies

DirecTech Labs was created by direct sales industry executives to solve the biggest challenges facing direct sales and network marketing companies.

We believe that direct selling represents a better alignment of human and economic potential than other go to market channels.

We exist to unlock the hidden potential in the rep-driven, direct and social selling models.

With the right approach, we believe that direct sales can become a powerful force for good, empowering people around the world.

The DirecTech Labs Solution

We blend a deep understanding of direct sales behavior with data science to improve distributor engagement and lifetime value. 
Our A.I. platform, Distro®, analyzes every individual across your distributor & customer base and then sends micro-targeted opportunity notifications to the right person at the time that is most likely to drive a successful conversion.
Through better engagement and retention, we typically see more than a 10x ROI for our clients in their first year.
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How DirecTech Labs Amplifies
Direct Seller Engagement

Personalize at Scale With Distro® A.I. Engagement Engine

Distro® is an A.I. platform that is custom-built to amplify the success of direct sales organizations.

Distro® analyzes millions of data points about your distributors and customers to determine what works best for their needs to drive their success.

Identify Distributor Performance with Distro® Insights

Our platform can identify who has the potential to become a leader and who is likely to permanently churn before it happens —
allowing for support actions to take place that drive engagement and open success paths for each distributor.

Automatically Send Hyper-Personalized Messaging
with SMS One

Use the near-100% reach of text messaging combined with the convenience of a clear UI to help your distributors build their businesses.

Personalized action alerts identify their easiest wins to increase downline successes.

Customize Distro® and Grow Faster with Custom Modules

Tailor Distro® with custom modules for your business:

A.I. Based Product Recommendation Engine
Party Plan / Hostess Programs
Subscription / Auto-Delivery Programs
Future Leader Identification
Actionable Insight Dashboards

Improve Over Time with A.I. Deep Data Insights

Distro® is a learning intelligence platform. It discovers which tactics actually work to increase engagement in your organization and adapts over time.

Distributors & Customers Analyzed by Distro® in 70+ countries

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