What is churn?

Churn or churn rate is a critical metric used to calculate the percentage of customers who cancel or decide not to re-engage with the business during a given time period.

How does a high churn rate affect business?

Losing customers and reps is the most expensive drag on a direct selling company’s growth, reputation, and ability to thrive long-term.

What do you predict exactly?

  1. Who will churn in the next 30 days (customers and reps.)
  2. What their $ value to the company has been to date.
  3. How much revenue they will drive if saved.
  4. Who in the network is the most influential to them and if that influencer is reachable through connected channels.

How do you predict churn?

Distro analyzes hundreds of variables about each distributor and customer, refreshed daily. Within this data are hidden patterns of behavior which were previously invisible.

How much new revenue will Distro create for me?

Our ROI calculator, will give you a rough estimate of what you could earn with our retention solution, Distro. Contact us for an in-depth analysis.


How many representatives do you expect to lose per month?
(The industry average is 21%)
What is your average order size? (USD)

Where does this data come from?

It can come from many sources, but the minimum requirement is the same data you use to calculate your compensation. So if you’re paying people right, you’ve got enough to get started.

How accurately are you able to predict?

Our predictions vary from 80-99% accuracy depending on what we are predicting and how much data the customer can provide.

How do you know it will work for me?

We guarantee that our churn predictions will be accurate or you can terminate the agreement.

How is DirecTech Labs different from Data Analysis and consulting groups?

If increasing business performance is the goal, why wait? Most data analysis companies focus on delivering insights first, and then it’s up to you to develop operational tactics around them. We think that’s too slow for a modern business. Distro delivers tactical systems that begin earning proven, measurable ROI from day one and deep, strategic insights over time.

Does this work in other countries besides the United States?

We are currently working in over 30 countries on 4 continents.

How many reps have you analyzed so far? In how many countries?

We analyze hundreds of thousands of reps and customers on a daily basis. You can find our latest numbers at the top of the homepage.

Once purchased, what kind of support do you offer?

Each customer is assigned a team including an Implementation Manager, an Account Manager, and a Data Scientist.