Industry Leaders’ Perspectives I:

How are you Approaching the current Opportunities and Threats in your Direct Selling business?

The direct selling channel is at an interesting inflection point in history. Sales in the US have been relatively flat for a decade while e-commerce and the gig economy have seen meteoric gains. Plus, the current situation of crisis forces direct selling companies to find new ways of operating.

Michel Bayan, CEO of DirecTech Labs, spoke with three highly respected direct sales executives: Lori Bush (Co-Founder of Solvasa), Clint McKinlay (CEO of Ruby Ribbon), and Gordon Hester (CIO of Zurvita) – to get their perspectives on how they are approaching the current opportunities that have emerged in their businesses.

1:31 Lori Bush (Co-Founder | Solvasa)

2:41 Clint McKinlay (CEO | Ruby Ribbon)

8:51 Gordon Hester (CIO | Zurvita)

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