Big Data

The DSEF and Big Data At the Direct Selling Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting, a panel of leading experts on the Big Data Revolution shared their insights with more than 1000 of Direct Selling industry executives. What is Big Data: Extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns,

Jennifer Byrne (Quesnay) Driving Innovation through large companies

Jennifer Byrne has been both a large company exec and in the trenches with startups.  She is the co-founder of Quesnay, an organization that works with large companies to drive innovation through partnering with startups. In the podcast we cover: How working with startups can get help your

Distributor Churn in Direct Selling: Great Challenge, Incredible Opportunity

The power of Direct Selling is palpable. We’ve tapped into something every marketer on earth wants a piece of: Word of Mouth. When a company taps into that, they can rocket to the Inc 500 faster than your reps to the swag table at a convention.

Innovation is everywhere. Well, almost…

With over 1000 incubators in US alone and many times more startups, innovation (driven by technology) is everywhere and touching just about every industry. Well perhaps with one exception.

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