Most direct selling companies view distributor and customer churn as an inevitable part of the business. So they focus most, if not all, their efforts on recruiting. Does this sound familiar?

Harvard Business Review found that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by as much as 95%. Small incremental improvement in retention makes a significant difference on your bottom line.

We’ve designed an automated retention system that grows revenue by keeping your people around longer. The longer they stay, the better experience they have and the more people they recruit!



What if you knew which active distributors and customer are in their last 30 days of activity? Current systems might not flag them for 90 days or more, but if you know now. And you know what specific outcome will keep each individual active. And you also know who in their network marketing upline has enough influence (“influencers”) to get them to stay, instantly alerting these influencers with a specific prescription for each individual

You could prevent attrition by giving your top performers the support they need to focus on their most valuable people the moment they need it most. What if you could measure their results and know exactly how influential every distributor is and much new revenue every individual is driving? That’s what DISTRO is designed to do.

At DirecTech Labs, our four-step retention methodology uses DISTRO, the artificial intelligence (AI), to help direct selling companies reduce turnover:

Segment your distributors into behavioral groups.
Although no two distributors are exactly alike, we’ve found that they all tend to fall into one of ten distinct behavioral categories. Using these categories, you’ll start to see your distributors in a new light—and figure out ways to maximize their lifetime value.
Predict who’s at the greatest risk of leaving.
Armed with a deeper understanding of your field and their needs, DISTRO then predicts which of them are at risk of leaving within the next 30 days. DISTRO uncovers patterns of behavior that are much too complicated for humans to see unaided. After crunching the numbers, DISTRO generates a retention risk score—from 1 to 100—for each of your distributors.
Determine the potential worth of each distributor.
You wouldn’t invest the same resources in retaining a distributor with $500 in predicted future value (“PFV”) as you would in one with $500,000 in PFV. The key is in knowing the difference between these people —even if they are relatively new to the business. DISTRO serves up precise information on how much revenue each customer, distributor, and their network will generate over the next 12 months if you retain them. Alerts are prioritized based on the value of those in danger.
Determine which action will be most successful in keeping your high-value people.
Not all customers and distributors are the same. In the age of the Gig economy, it’s clear that different people have different goals, capacities, and expectations of your Brand. Some are here to use your products. Some want to make extra cash from time to time, and others want to go for the gusto. DISTRO predicts the specific outcome each wants to see. Sometimes is a product experience. Sometimes it’s a promotion. Sometimes it’s 100 bucks or a new customer.
Armed with this knowledge their upline can be much more effective at roviding an experience that’s right for the individual in front of them.

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Direct selling companies have a competitive advantage over conventional retail and e-commerce: Influencers. When someone is at risk of leaving, their sponsor or upline can be far more effective at giving them what they need. DISTRO determines which field representatives will have the most influence over a person at risk, and then sends them an alert with enough context so they can take action and get a clear outcome for their customer or downline. Along the way, DISTRO keeps getting smarter.

Because DISTRO is built on AI algorithms, he’s continually studying patterns of behavior, gauging the success of the retention actions you take, and using these learnings to make even better recommendations.

Are you ready for more measurable, predictable and rapidly improving sales performance and retention? Learn more in our eBook “How Direct Selling Companies Can Use AI to Solve the Age- Old Retention Problem.”

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What’s the impact of using AI to predict and prevent churn? One company achieved a 6% revenue increase month over month, for 6 months with DISTRO.

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