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DirecTech Labs provides a fully-featured platform to boost engagement & retention across your company.

Personalize at Scale with Distro®, the A.I. Engagement Engine

Distro®, our custom-built A.I., analyzes billions of data points on millions of distributors and their customers.

By combining data from your existing systems with social media and other touchpoints, we are able to create a uniquely complete picture of your distributors.

We categorize your field distributors and their customers into nine proprietary behavioral segments.


Identify Distributor Performance With Distro® Insights

You can track sales performance across each of your segments to identify what tactics are working.

Our team can predict who will become your next top leaders and who is likely to drop out.

Automatically Send Hyper-Personalized Messaging With SMS 1

Using insights from Distro®, we know when a distributor or customer will churn — and who can prevent it.

We send targeted SMS alerts to the right upline contacts at the right time, enabling them to take action.

Each alert has built-in, personalized actions that make it simple to call or text the person.

Customize Distro® And Grow Faster with Custom Modules

These modules are available based on your specific business model:

  1. Rising Stars: Identify your future high-performing leaders, allowing your team to grow them faster.
  2. Order Boost: Create and send personalized product recommendations to your distributors and customers.
  3. Subscription & Auto Delivery: Message distributors when auto-ship subscriptions are at risk of being canceled, lowering cancellations by up to 24%.
  4. Party Plan / Hostess: Increase hosting activity by helping distributors identify, communicate with, and reward the best party hosts.

Improve Over Time With A.I. Deep Data Insights 

Distro® is a learning intelligence platform. It discovers which tactics actually work to increase engagement in your organization and adapts over time.

Your team can see Distro’s actions and results at a glance with our Operational Dashboard.

Our detailed analytics dashboards let your team see what’s working at every level of your organization.

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