Dave Wentz
By Dave Wentz

I’ve been reflecting on where we are as an industry at this time. In a crisis it’s easy to focus on things that seem more immediate and familiar.  We tend to want to “get back to basics” (or the familiar) rather than look at new approaches that call upon us to break the traditional mold. But that’s exactly what we need to be doing now. People are hungry for the community and opportunity that direct sellers provide.

But the way we provide them needs to rise to the needs of today’s digital and AI enabled market. Already e-commerce brands are using this tech to galvanize communities around their brands. We in direct selling can do it so much better with the right mindset and the right tools.  

As an investor and advisor for DirecTech Labs, I’ve watched over the last few years as their platform, Distro®, has evolved into something the industry sorely needs and has never had before. I’ve seen companies spend far more on complex CRMs that aren’t built for our industry and cannot achieve what DirecTech Labs has with far less budget and internal effort. As we struggle to compete with other gigs, e-commerce options, and FTC scrutiny, the overarching theme of all three of these challenges comes down to the quality of experience we give our people.  And with this COVID-19 crisis, people need brands they can trust. Brands that speak to them as individuals, vs dropping mass communications on them that only resonate with a fraction of recipients. Do that today and you’ll see your churn rising. We need to move to a more targeted and personalized field and customer experience. Especially in the era of COVID-19 people will put trust into brands that can add value via more and more personalized digital experiences. This is our industry’s once in a generation opportunity. How we handle this crisis will define us in the eyes of the public for years to come. 

I believe DirecTech Labs’ AI-powered Behavioral Segments and Opportunity Alerts system will soon become self-evident as a necessity for any direct selling company that wants to compete in today’s market.  Especially now as in person meetings are out of the picture for a while, personalized and empowering digital communications will help companies increase the lifetime value of their people and finally get the scourge of churn our industry has faced for a generation, down to a more reasonable level. Now, they need brave partners like you who want to pave the way for the future of our industry. 

If I were running a company today, I’d have our marketing, promotions, field development, contact center and events teams lever DirecTech’s insights to inform every aspect of the field and customer lifecycle. I’d lever their automated Opportunity Alerts to identify and act upon the key moments in those lifecycles, knowing that they would drive us millions in measurable new revenue by increasing the engagement and lifetime value of our people. 

Only you know what’s best for your business, but I thought my experience with DirecTech Labs could help bring some perspective to companies that know they need to evolve and are looking for partners and tools that can get them there. Especially in a time when new approaches are exactly what we need. 

Here’s to the future of a more personalized, impactful and celebrated direct selling industry.

Dave Wentz helped found USANA Health Sciences in 1992 and was instrumental in leading it to $1 Billion in sales and serving over 500,000 families. At USANA Dave hat the incredible opportunity to serve in many capacities, including VP of Strategic Development, Executive Vice President, President and CEO. In January 2009, he was named one of America’s Powerful CEOs 40 and Under by His focus on providing an exceptional workplace for employees worldwide led to Outside magazine naming USANA to its Best Places to Work list seven times. He has served as Chairman of the Direct Selling Association and as Chairman of the Direct Selling Education Foundation.

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