Working from home can be a huge benefit to your business/your business growth. 
We’re going through unprecedented times right now. The need to balance our personal lives and concerns while trying to remain productive in a remote working context may be complicating things with new challenges, some of which could seem to be problematic. But did you know some extremely successful businesses operate remotely?
DirecTech Labs has been working remotely for more than a year. With some trials and errors we’ve found ourselves to become extremely effective using this model. We thought it might be helpful to share some of our resources and learnings with you.

Here’s our first tips

For Corporate: 

1) Get your tools right! 
For both topics and team or individual connectivity we recommend Slack as a great channel. It provides messaging, video call capabilities and the ability to see each other’s screens and even annotate them. Other tools like Microsoft Teams can work as well.
A) Make sure you have committed channels in place for ongoing conversations on key topics like Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Fulfillment, Contact Center, etc.  This way relevant teams have a place to go to connect with each other and see what’s going on that they may have missed while stepping away to take care of a child, make lunch, etc.
B) Don’t forget social time!  Especially now, people want to connect within the community of your team.  So, create some virtual water coolers.  Channels on Slack where people can talk about their experiences so far, share resources, pictures for inspiration or laughs.  We have channels for “Learning”, “Random”, “Know your Team” and even one dedicated to the hilarious things our CTO and co-founder says.  Create ways for people to have fun and connect virtually.
2) Recognize those setting the example:  
Some people will take to the remote thing really well. Recognize those who help you get off and running with exemplary contributions of great ideas, practices or just above and beyond performance.  We have a “Victories” channel for that and a monthly MVP award.
3) Work Asynchronously: 
Not everyone will be online at all times.  So when you have meetings make sure you document them well and share that doc with those who could not attend or need to know what happened, so they are up to speed. If you have a project or work tracking system like Asana ( or Jira ( in place now is the time to re-invest in the discipline of that system  If you have a PMO now is the time to support them and to let them help everyone stay on track. 

For the Field: 

Your field is already a remote workforce.  But now without the benefit of local events you’ll need to make sure you can communicate and motivate.  With so many people cooped up at home, virtual and social selling could go one of two ways – horrible declines or they could see fantastic avenues right now.  But you need to keep people focussed.  Targeted and personalized texting is a great way to reach 98% of your field and have them take notice.  With important alerts and personalized tasks that help them identify critical opportunities you can get most of them to take action now.   We have a webinar on this next week.  Check out the webinar here.
Look for more tips from us soon.
Stay healthy.  Focus on the opportunities.  Take care of your people and they will take care of you.
Michel Bayan
Directech Labs

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