Industry Leaders’ Perspectives II:

How can the Direct Selling Industry Emerge from the Current Crisis with a Better Reputation? 


The reputation of the Direct Selling industry is already less than stellar and some groups are criticizing the practices of certain reps in the field during the current crisis. We wanted to find out: What are the key pitfalls for us to avoid and how do we emerge from this crisis with a better reputation than the one we came in with? 

Michel Bayan, CEO of DirecTech Labs, spoke with three highly respected direct sales executives: Lori Bush (Co-Founder at Solvasa), Clint McKinlay (CEO at Ruby Ribbon), and Gordon Hester (CIO at Zurvita) – to find out what they’re doing to turn the Direct Selling industries’ reputation around. 

1:19 Lori Bush (Co-Founder | Solvasa)
2:04 Clint McKinlay (CEO | Ruby Ribbon)
9:21 Gordon Hester (CIO | Zurvita)

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