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How is the Direct Selling industry adapting right now and where will it go over the next 2 years? | Darren Jensen 


We’re in a very interesting time in history right now. A lot of Direct Selling companies are experiencing incredible growth, and so many things are changing faster than they would have otherwise.  

In our new video, Michel Bayan (CEO | DirecTech Labs) interviewed Darren Jensen (CEO | LifeVantage) to find out his perspective on where the Direct Selling industry is right now, and where it will go over the next 2 years. 

“How quickly we will normalize will depend on the status of COVID-19. If it continues to be very problematic and continue to enforce social distancing broader throughout the entire world, the acceleration that we have into digital and into cyber will have a more permanent effect on the way we do business.”, says Darren Jensen. 

“We’re going to continue adapting our business providing sharables, determining the cadence of our events and what format those are going to be.” 

Jensen states: “From a corporate stand point it’s important over the next 2 years, that we’re asking ourselves certain questions. For example: How will life change for our customers, our distributors, our employees? We should begin to pre-actively trying to position our companies in front of these changes, so that we can provide a better quality of life for our employees, customers, distributors.”  

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