Want to Increase Retention? Personalize Your Messages to Sales Reps and Customers

In my last article, I discussed how important it is for direct selling companies to segment their distributor and customer bases. It’s the only realistic way to get to know the hundreds or thousands of people in your organization.

With segmentation, you can really start to understand why people joined you, what they’re hoping to get out of the relationship, and how to increase retention among customers and sales reps.

But segmentation is just the beginning. The rubber really meets the road when you use personalization.

By personalizing the messages you send your customers and sales reps, you can totally change their perception of your company—in ways that increase retention among both groups.

Here’s Proof that Personalization Matters

How can we be sure personalization will work in direct sales? Just take a look at the marketing discipline.

Marketers have known for years that the more personalized a message is, the greater the chances that someone will take the desired action after reading it.

The evidence is everywhere. A recent Hubspot study found that personalized calls to action perform 202% better than basic ones.

According to Constellation Research, marketing campaigns without content relevancy have an 83% lower response rate.

And an Evergage study found that 88% of marketers realized a measurable lift in business results from personalization.

When you communicate with your customers or sales reps, you’re basically marketing to them. You’re trying to speak to them in a way that motivates them to take an action.

But your people aren’t one big, faceless mass. So, don’t go out with messages that are supposed to apply to “all sales reps” or “all customers.”

When you push all your sales reps to become star performers, you’ll risk alienating the ones who simply make a sale when the opportunity arises, or the ones who hope to earn a sideline income and nothing more.

You may think you’re offering them a chance to think bigger, get better, and make a ton of money. But some of them aren’t driven by massive incomes. And many of them won’t necessarily have the time to invest in building their selling skills or learning your product line intimately.  

They’ll begin to feel like they’re not really cut out for your company. The problem isn’t that they’re not getting what they wanted—it’s that they think they’re not giving you what you wanted.

And so they’ll leave, taking more and more of your revenue with them.

Using Hyper-personalization to Increase Retention

You can avoid driving your field away and increase retention by personalizing your messages. Rather than sending one message to all distributors that pushes them to compete for a Caribbean cruise, you can direct that message to your Top Leaders, while simultaneously motivating your newest sales reps to make their first sale this month and offering other sales reps a chance to complete online training that will really help get their businesses rolling.

DISTRO, the artificial intelligence solution from DirecTech Labs, enables you to send hyper-personalized messages to anyone in your database of customers and sales reps. You can not only target the 9 segments our platform identifies, but also break them down into even more specific groups to make sure you’re motivating people in just the right way.

It’s also easy to extract lists of names from our platform into your CRM system so that you can easily put them on a communication path that will help you get the most out of them. Learn more about how to make hyper-personalization work for you. Join us for a free webinar. 

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