How Can You Motivate Your Distributors to Sell More and Take Better Care of Customers? With Hyper personalization


Why Better Direct Sales Recruiting Starts with Better Data

If you’re involved with direct sales recruiting, you probably think your company has tried every angle. 

You’ve encouraged your sales reps to focus on your outstanding products. You’ve reminded them to communicate the size of the opportunity. And from the corporate end, you’ve offered incentives for new sales reps. 

Have you considered coming at this challenge from the other end? 

Look at your current body of sales reps. A few of them are Top Leaders, some of them are brand new and still learning the business, and many in between are at various stages of reaching the level of income they were hoping for. 

You could continue to cast a wide net, hoping to attract as many new faces as possible so that a certain tiny percentage will eventually pan out as Top Leaders. 

But you’d be better off slicing and dicing. DirecTech Labs can help. 

Ever Compared Your Results Market by Market? 

People who are concerned about direct sales recruiting can be forgiven for thinking the whole process is a bit of a crapshoot. 

After all, it’s hard to predict when that next Top Leader is going to decide to join you. In the meantime, hundreds of other curious people will give your company a try. Some will stick around and some won’t. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s all random, or a matter of luck. By analyzing your current team of sales reps to learn more about them, you can begin to identify patterns. You can then take steps to find more people who are like your best people while cutting back on the direct sales recruiting efforts that aren’t bearing as much fruit. 

One often-neglected variable is market. You wouldn’t necessarily think that the typical direct sales product would perform considerably better in one geography over another. But you might analyze your distributors and realize that 15% of them in Texas fall into the Business Builder category, whereas that number hovers around 12% in other markets. 

You could then use DISTRO, our artificial intelligence retention solution, to track what becomes of those Business Builders over time (we discussed how sales reps change segments in our last article). 

If 10% of them eventually go on to become Leaders, 80% remain Business Builders, and only 10% settle into the Casual Builders category, that’s pretty promising. And it could have major implications for your future direct sales recruiting strategy. 

What are your sales reps doing right in Texas that you could replicate in other parts of the country? Or, what is it about the current labor situation and consumer market in Texas that makes your products and company so appealing to people? 

There are many potential answers to questions like these, but you won’t even know which questions to ask if you don’t have rich data at your fingertips. 

Start Refining Your Direct Sales Recruiting Plan

DISTRO provides the rich behavioral data you need to jump-start your direct sales recruiting programs. You can easily extract data from our platform and dump it into your analytical platform so that you can start finding answers to your most probing recruitment questions.

From there, you can rethink your promotion strategies, fine-tune your incentives, and measure the results. We’re excited about what DISTRO can do for direct selling companies—and we invite you to see for yourself.

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