The Problem: Engagement is Decreasing Among Direct Sellers & Their Customers

To increase sponsor engagement and sales, direct selling companies often turn to one-size-fits-all compensation plans, incentive programs, and discount offers.

These programs (think: gifts, free cars, or vacations) are great for top leaders, but for most, they’re out of reach. As a result, they stop listening, lose motivation and engagement, and retire – to only take advantage of low margin offers… on occasion. 

Worst of all, most engagement tactics become less effective over time, causing margins to drop even further.

The DirecTech Labs Solution

DirecTech Labs allows you to send the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time.

Our powerfully effective tools consistently deliver happily engaged distributors to your base each month.
Distro® is the industry’s only purpose-built A.I. platform that analyzes, segments and engages your entire consultant base with personalization that works.
We combine human relationships with A.I. to create a better experience for your distributors and customers – starting from the moment they join your team.
With DirecTech Labs, your team can increase acquisition and ordering, promote field leaders faster, and reduce churn.
Near 100% Reach

Our SMS-based solution lets you reach nearly every single distributor and customer in your organization.

Increase Engagement & LTV

Your consultants will get clear alerts that make it simple for them to take action and prevent churn in their downlines.

Predict The Future

Before it happens, you can see which distributors & customers are predicted to churn and which can be put on a path to become your next top leaders.

Actionable Data

Our AI analysis helps you understand the engagement of your consultant base across nine unique behavioral segments.

Personalization At Scale
in 60 Days

Treat every single customer and distributor as an individual using the power of AI. We can be fully up and running in as little as 60 days.

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