Your Star Distributor Is About to Quit. What Should You Do Next?

Your Star Distributor Is About to Quit. What Should You Do Next? AI knows

We recently wrote an article about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you predict who’s about to quit and determine their likely bottom-line value to your organization over the next 12 months.

That’s quite a power to have. It’s something that many direct selling firms have craved for years.

But how do you turn this valuable information into action? Once you know who’s about to leave, what should you say or do to keep them on board?

AI can help you there, too. Here’s how.

Why AI Knows the Best Retention Tactics

Long before your people start thinking of quitting your organization, our AI solution DISTRO® has them pegged. It groups everyone into specific behavioral categories based on why they joined, what motivates them, and what’s likely to keep them on board.

By the time your distributors or customers start thinking about leaving, DISTRO already knows what will retain them. As you can imagine, these methods will vary widely depending on the individual’s role.

A customer who buys $50 worth of product each month but is struggling financially may need a discount or loyalty program to keep him around.

A distributor who’s trying to grow a business but frustrated that it’s not happening quickly enough may greatly appreciate a special one-on-one training session with top performers in his upline.

What about your star distributors? A phone call from one of your top field-focused executives could be the most appropriate tactic; it will make that distributor feel like an important part of your company and give her an opportunity to express her concerns to someone who can really make a difference.

In an ideal world, your top executives would call everyone—from the newest $30-per-month customer to the biggest distributor—every time there’s a retention risk. Your retention rate would go through the roof.

But we all know that’s not realistic. Your executives only have so much time to spend on the phone, so they must use it wisely.  Knowing who to focus on has always been an elusive challenge for field and corporate sales leaders alike.

On the flip side, what do you think your success rate would be in keeping at-risk distributors if you simply offered them all a buy-one-get-one sale on your products for the next month?  And even if it did work, it would be an expensive save. What if it takes more than a special offer or promotion to stay on board?

Distro understands what makes your people tick and continues to learn over time. That’s why DISTRO can also recommend the best tactic that will keep each individual on board.

What About Your Newest Distributors and Customers?

Although much of what DISTRO can do for direct selling firms sounds like magic, there’s really no trick to it. DISTRO simply analyzes the behavioral patterns we can’t see and advises us on the best ways to take care of our people.

But what about your newest customers and distributors? They haven’t even been with your organization for long enough to generate much behavioral data. How can DISTRO help you understand, motivate, and retain them?

It’s simple: over time, DISTRO analyzes the behavioral patterns of all your people, no matter how briefly they stay with your company. Even a customer who makes one purchase and then abruptly closes his account generates a small amount of data. DISTRO can analyze similar blips of data from thousands of other people like him to provide you with real insights into when people will leave and what is needed for them to stay active.

We have a lot more to share about how you can address your retention problem. It’s probably easier if you read our new eBook: How Direct Selling Can Use AI to Solve The Age-Old Retention Problem.

Sound intriguing? We’d love to tell you more about DISTRO®? Contact us with your questions.

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